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AM Power Systems “AMPS” was founded in 1994 in response to a growing global demand for increasingly more advanced & specialized electrical power system analysis and solutions. Very quickly, AMPS established a stellar industry reputation for delivering the innovative, cost effective, high quality power systems work, allowing the company to win projects all over the world. This statement is backed up by dozens of satisfied clients across many industries and sectors and on virtually every continent.

While the quality of our services & solutions is what attracts clients to our company in the first place, clients often come back to us due to the high level of integrity that AMPS exhibits in dealing with them. We work closely and professionally with clients to ensure that they are getting the very best value for money, without compromising our standards for delivering excellent products and services. In doing so, we have also built excellent relationships with many of the industry’s largest and most important suppliers, allowing us to deliver our services at globally competitive costs prices. Most importantly, our feedback to clients is direct & honest—our standard for integrity is such that the interests of our clients are central to all considerations. We believe our track record speaks for itself.