The specialized knowledge and expertise of AMPS engineers are such that they have allowed the company to be involved in projects from a number of different capacities—though consulting has been the company’s primary focus. In addition to the consulting services listed below, AMPS has advised large corporations on important turnkey projects and decisions, while also advising national, regional and municipal governments on matters as various as renewable energy investment and policy reform. AMPS also provides tailored, industry-leading courses for companies seeking to give their engineers a competitive or qualitative edge. Primarily, however, AMPS is focused on these services:

Power Generation:

Comprehensive planning and design, from planning and feasibility stage including guidance on energy efficiency, economic efficiency, procurement strategy, impact studies, to consulting services including all aspects of power system design, to the full range of field services listed below.

Power System Studies and Analysis:

Comprehensive planning and Power system studies and analysis: Short Circuit, Power Flow, Transient Stability, Harmonic Analysis, Protection and Coordination, Transient Analysis, Arc Flash Studies, Cable System Design, System Grounding Studies, Load Shedding Studies, Power Quality Studies, Energy Management, System Dynamics and Motor Starting Analysis, Power Factor Correction Studies, Reactive Power Compensation Studies, Solar Power Studies, Wind Power Studies. Familiar with most industry software (Easy Power, ETAP, CYME, NEPLAN, EMTP).

Electrical Power System Design:

Medium and High Voltage Complete Substation Design, Complete Switchgear Installation Design, Cable System Design, Transmission Line Design, Power Distribution Center and Motor Control Center Design, Harmonic Filter Design.

Electrical Apparatus Specification and Inspection:

Medium and High Voltage Power Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Instrument Transformers, Lightning Arresters, Capacitor Banks, Static Var Compensator, Power Generators, Large Motors, Current Limiting and Shunt Reactors, UPS Systems, Battery Chargers, Solar Power Equipment, Wind Power Equipment.

Field Services:

Commissioning and Start Up, Inspection, Investigation, Testing.